Perrine and Catherine de found each other by osmosis, an intertwining of encounters, like a chain of links. They became friends, they shared the same values. They carried within them an authentic and unquenchable desire to create fine and charming jewellery to embellish everyday life, with the philosophy of being accessible. LeaRose was born four years ago, from the fruit of their imagination, and from their balanced collaboration: Perrine manufactures all the pieces in her workshop in Le Sablon, and Catherine, in addition to co-creating the collections, manages the logistical aspects of this small Belgian brand full of grace.

With cross-functional models for a woman's entire life, driven by elegant simplicity, LeaRose appeals to everyone, and seduces them all. Perrine and Catherine work with silver, semi-precious stones and 18-carat vermeil for gilded pieces, sometimes with a touch of brass gilded with fine gold. Always starting from the stones, they unbind the finesse of the drawing. The two creators observe the world around them. Their identity is part of a fashionable and timeless imagination. Each of their models is tested and approved for everyday life, and they allow time for creation.

The collections evolve from one season to the next, cultivating timeless classics. They have learned in an empirical way, carried by their passion, and by a gentle look at contemporary women. Creation came to them little by little, their vocation flourished. Cultivating their "fine fantasy" brand, we can offer themselves their craft collections from 40 €, for pleasure jewellery, which contribute to the lightness of everyday life. LeaRose is made up of semi-precious stones, and precious feelings at all.