A Long time ago the good fairies who looked upon Perrine Leysen in her cradle were well inspired. This young girl, from her infancy, grew up amongst the most precious jewels. Perrine's ancestors have been jewelers for over five generations and she is carrying on the family tradition as is her father Henri and her brother Maxime, in charge of the famous Maison Leysen at the Grand Sablon in Brussels.

From the beginning, she learned in jewelery workshops the magic of creating jewels.
Naturally influenced by the family tradition, with the help of her father, Perrine opened the L-square shop in 2006. She brings together there treasures coming from carefully selected designers, making sure the prices stay affordable.

Perrine has always kept as a talisman, a necklace adorned by a chalcedony, a gift from her parents at the end of her adolescence. Charmed by this semi-precious stone, named after a kind witch, she brings together others stones to from L-square, her own jewelry collection, created from precious and semi-precious stones. Soon moonstones, carnelian, agates, amethysts and more join this lovely collection.

She has joined up with Catherine Lannoye, fashion expert, who has helped her create this project. With her sense of fashion, she is sure to discover the next season's hit. This talent makes her the ideal partner for Perrine. Together they make sure their creations are trendily. Their collection meets an instant success and quickly becomes the best seller of the shop.

Available today in different ships in Belgium, this L-square collection has become LeaRose. Perrine and Catherine daily combine fashion and tradition to offer affordable and unique creations. With their precious magic wand, LeaRose makes woman sparkle.